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We are members of the "flowers from the farm" movement meaning we grow and sell our own cut British Flowers. Our flower farm is at the back of our studio just outside Newmarket, Suffolk. We have many raised beds which have just completed their third year of growing beautiful blooms. In January 2017 we installed a Polytunnel so we could continue to grow flowers, starting earlier and finishing later.

We try to plant as many different varieties and colours as possible. 2018 has seen us growing a little more of the longer lasting flowers as well as unusual varieties of grasses and foliages. For 2019 have narrowed down our selections and begun to specialise and focus on a few varieties which have been outstanding in 2018. 2019 has given us unbelievable Sweet Peas, Delphiniums, Garden Roses, Ammi, Dahlias, Amaranthus, Sedum, Cosmos, Sweet Williams, Daucus and many more. 

When given enough notice we can also grow flowers specifically for your wedding. This is a lovely experience where you can come and see the flowers growing each month before you finally see them again in your bridal bouquet. We also re-use our flowers and convert them into biodegradable confetti which is now often the only source of confetti you are allowed at many venues. Similarly, we can dry petals to match your wedding colour scheme!

By having our own flower farm at the back of my studio, it means I can use many of my own blooms in my work. This adds a personal and unique touch to each piece, knowing that every bloom has been individually grown from seedling or bulb. Get in touch to learn more about the farm or to arrange a time to come and have a walk around! 

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